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Mend the Gap

Mend The Gap - Mending the Pay and Employment Gap through Eco-entrepreneurship arises from the need to reduce the gender pay and employment gap at work that exists, to varying degrees, in Europe, and exacerbated by the Covid 19 pandemic, through the development of innovative and sustainable learning tools.

The goal of the project is to provide educators working with young women (cis, trans, nonbinary) from disadvantaged backgrounds with innovative teaching tools to increase their knowledge in finance and self-entrepreneurship, with a focus on environmental issues and eco-entrepreneurship. Mend the Gap also aims to improve trainers' knowledge on the gender gap, on recognizing its social causes, and to take action to provide women with useful tools to increase their soft skills to be more competitive within the world of work, from an international perspective.

Project durantion: 24 months.

Start and end date: 1/12/22 – 30/11/24


Solution: Solidarité & Inclusion - France (lead)

Artis Multimedia - France

Markeut Skills - Spain

Spectrum Research Center - Ireland

Le Tre Ghinee - Italy

Mobius Circle - Italy

Kainotomia -Greece


A series of activities will be carried out within the project in synergy among partners.


The main results of these activities will be:

- A toolkit aimed at educators that will enable them to assess the skills that women have already acquired and that would be useful to start their own eco-business (entrepreneurial skills, management skills, technical skills acquired by working in specific sectors). 


- A programme Train the Trainers designed for educators to teach entrepreneurship practices green and financial education to women with fewer opportunities to start their own businesses. 


An online platform to provide free and immediate access to training courses also in blended learning.


- A robust and extensive dissemination campaign to publicize project results, multiply the impact on target groups and raise awareness of the importance of women's empowerment through financial education and eco-entrepreneurship.