And because we are different, our ways will be different. (...)
The goal is the same: to affirm the right of everyone -- of all men and women -- to see the great principles of Justice, Equality and Liberty respected in their own person.

Le Tre Ghinee APS is a Rome-based transfeminist association founded in 2020 during the lockdown in response to the increasingly visible discrimination and social inequalities and the 'widening the gap between those who enjoy privilege and those who must fight every day for the recognition of their rights.

Our aim is to activate and support processes of emancipation and self-determination by combating all forms of sexism, gender-based violence, homolesbobitransphobia, exclusion, discrimination, racism, ableism, and xenophobia.

We believe that universal access to knowledge and sharing can be the answer to social marginalization, just as the value of interculturalism and the gender approach are foundational pivots of an anti-patriarchal society.

our three guineas


We promote equal dignity among people, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, background, physical and mental conditions, starting with breaking down stereotypes and spreading an inclusive culture.


We support, through creativity and non-formal learning, anyone in a situation of vulnerability and social marginalization. We foster the autonomous activation of each individual on the basis of rediscovering their own tools.


We are first and foremost activists. We believe that activism and social practice are the first forms of fighting inequality. Through campaigns, petitions, cultural activities, and demonstrations, we shout out what we fight for every day.

Our Team

anita leonetti

Project Manager

chiara bocci

Project Manager

Emanuela Papitto

(Venusia) Project Manager

alessandro buontempo

Trainer and cultural mediator

veronica pinto


Stephan Taverna

Visual Designer




Vice president

Paolo Leccese


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