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EmpowHer is a project that stems from a twofold need: that of disseminating the principles of the Istanbul Convention in a clear, usable and interactive manner and that of training the staff of schools, training centers and formal and nonformal learning centers on the issues of equality and gender-based violence. 

It is essential to publicize the Istanbul Convention in order to protect the treaty itself (from which some countries have already withdrawn and others are threatening to do so) and, at the same time, bring its principles to young people, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, to promote the achievement of a more equitable and inclusive society.

Duration: 15 months

Start and end date: 01/11/22 - 01/02/24





Local activities

Within the project, several activities will be carried out that will mainly follow two strands:


1) Laboratori locali ed eventi di diffusione sulla convenzione di Istanbul e sulla prevenzione alla violenza di genere, nei quali i temi non verranno affrontati solo da un punto di vista storico-giuridico, ma verranno condivise metodologie interattive e creative per aumentare il livello di coinvolgimento delle persone a cui è rivolto.


2) Una guida che comprende una sezione con la metodologia da utilizzare, un’altra sezione con due esempi di implementazione delle attività e un’appendice che raccoglie le buone pratiche.

Through these local activities and mentoring, the project aims to involve and train a large number of trainers, who will then be able to independently develop workshops on the issues of discrimination and gender-based violence, thus involving a large number of young people, who will learn about the Istanbul Convention and become advocates themselves for a more equitable and women's rights-conscious society.



Experiential theater workshop on gender and domestic violence prevention from the Istanbul Convention

a cura di veronica Pinto


As part of the Erasmus + EmpowHer project, we are proposing a two-day workshop dedicated to practitioners, social workers, activists and teachers*.
Through this short practical-experiential work, we intend to share reflections and tools for disseminating the principles and themes contained in the Council of Europe Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence against Women and Domestic Violence (Istanbul Convention 2011) by means of tools derived from the performing arts.

An international treaty that is the result of decades of work, it is currently a legal instrument that is certainly perfectible, but of unquestionable effectiveness in preventing and combating gender and domestic violence.

 Unknown to most, this text has been distorted and opposed in some countries because of its interpretation of "gender" as a social construct. in Italy, this distortion is an obstacle to its full implementation, especially in the area of violence prevention.

The workshop is intended as a space for theoretical-practical experimentation. The two modules of four hours each, are designed so that the participant(s) have a totally replicable experience with high school kidsƏ.
As for the theoretical part, a bottom-up learning strategy will be used. We will work collectively on the discovery of the text through research activities and construction of meaning from data, key words, and definitions. We will then open discussions on the themes that emerged on the day through specific legal and topical cases.
For the practical part, the focus will be on voice: we will work individually and in groups, on the construction of a chorus of voices that will take up some of the material extracted from the text of the Convention and some of our own reworkings. We will thus construct a short performance to take to every classroom and place where it is necessary to reclaim rights in a loud voice.


The workshop is free of charge but limited places are available.
For info and reservations write to: